Frequently Asked Questions


What is your turnaround time?
Normally 10-12 business days (depends on stock at availability at time of order), though we can meet a specified deadline if your job is required sooner.

What payment methods to you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, cheque, debit, cold-hard-cash, and your firstborn.

Can I supply my own garments?
Currently we are not accepting customer supplied garments. Please check out our suppliers, or give us a call to see what we have available. You’re also welcome to come check out our showroom for samples of what we can get.

Do you have a minimum?
Yes, we start at 12 pieces.


What kind of files should I send?
The best files to send us are vector Illustrator files (.ai or .eps work best).

I only have a Photoshop file. Can I send you this?
Photoshop files (.psd) are acceptable if your design is a minimum of 300 dpi. To check this, open Photoshop. Press IMAGE and scroll down to IMAGE SIZE. A pop-up window will appear with the size of the image. Note that using small files that were increased to 300 dpi will often result in fuzzy, blotchy and unusable artwork!

Should I compress the layers before I send you a Photoshop file?
No. It is important for us to have the layers intact.

Can I send you a .jpeg file?
Yes, but .jpegs usually need to be re-worked, especially if they are taken from the internet. We charge $35/hr for touch-ups. Send us the file and we’ll quote you a price before starting the work.

I have lost my artwork files!
No problem; we can re-create art from a visual! Graphic design time is $35/hour.

Can I proof the final product before it’s printed?
Once the design is complete, we will send it to you for proofing. Only after the design has been signed off will we send it to the press.


What is Screen printing?
Screen printing is the process of forcing ink through a screen, by applying pressure with a squeegee. This process is repeated for every color to be printed on the garment.

What is the minimum order for screen printing?
The minimum order for screen printing is 12 pieces of the same design. The order could be a combination of shirts, sweats, golfs, etc. It depends on the print size and location. Talk to us for more details.

What is your maximum print size?
The largest area we are able to print on is 14” by 17”

Do you charge for screen set-ups?
Yes. We charge $20.00 per color for large designs and $14.00 for smaller designs. You will be quoted a set-up cost based on your design.


What is Digital Printing?
Digital Printing is the best way to apply a full color print on to a white or light garment as the number of colors does not affect the price. The Digital printer applies ink directly to the garment similar to a bubble jet printer. The process is then completed by curing the print at 340 degrees!

I have lots of colors in my design. Would it be cheaper for me to print digitally?

Yes. While screen printing is often limited to just a few colors, digital printing can accommodate the full range for one low price.


Do you offer design services?
We offer complete graphic design services in-house, that includes creating something new or taking your artwork and making it print friendly. Our graphic team will meet with you to discuss your vision and it bring it to life.


How does embroidery work?
Embroidery is the process of stitching on a crest or sewing directly on to a garment.
Your logo must be sent in as a document. It is then transformed into a file that our sewing machines can read.

What kind of file should I send?
Illustrator files work best for digitization (.ai or .eps work best).

Will the final product be an exact replica of my logo?
Usually, that is the case. However, there are some instances when the logo must be slightly modified for the sewing machines. We will be sure to give you a sample of how it will look before proceeding.

Am I limited by color?
We have a vast number of colors and will match them to your logo.


What is a vinyl heat transfer?
Vinyl is a thin polyurethane film applied to garments using a heat press. Created from vector based art, the design is cut into it using a special plotting machine. We then remove the excess material, and press the image on a shirt.

Why use vinyl over screen printing?
Vinyl is well suited for small runs and the setup is quicker than screen printing. If you need to add names and numbers to a jersey this is the way to go! Also it comes in a variety of neat colours, patterns and materials (camouflage, reflective, glitter).

What about the quality?
Comparable to screen printing, it should last the lifetime of your garment as long as it is cared for properly. Ask us for details.